Travelling abroad is a way of getting away from it all. Families, tourists visit place far away from their home and relax. Or they visit a dental clinic... No kidding here...

Go abroad and get that healthy smile

With the economic crises and dental costs going up many patients simply cannot afford treatment they need. High cost of treatment made alternative opportunities to keep that healthy smile. Patients may decide to go abroad for dental treatment - and they can save a lot - usually about 60-70% on their home treatment costs.

How is this possible?

Labour costs are lower in Central Europe, dental clinics are well equipped, the well trained stuff use the standard or even better quality materilas for dental implants, crowns and bridges.

How to find a dental clinic abroad?

All you need is to book a flight to some of the major cities that provide the service you need. Budapest for one is one of the most popular cities around - for tourists and dental holiday makers alike. La Porta Dental Clinic Budapest offers high standard of service - helps patients organising the whole visit to Hungary from flights, accommodation, transfers from airport to hotel and the clinic as well as traditional sightseeings and other cultural events to people coming along with patients. In Schwitzerland LaPortaDental offers the services in German and rench to help non-English speakers find their dental praxis in Budapest.

Why Hungary for dental implants?

Statistics have shown that Hungary takes about 40% of all dental treatments performed outside their homeland - in Europe. Its a popular dental tourist destination: culture, architecture, historic sights and plenty of things to do... And dental clinics have developed a routine by now to handle all sorts of patients from Europe.

Budapest enjoys reputation among dental patients

Long history of dental treatment performed on dental holiday makers guarantees satisfaction - patients get the high quality treatment and save about 60% of their dental treatment costs. Feedbacks are positive, some dental clinics offer consultation, after care services in the UK, Irealand, Germany, Italy or Schwitzerland.
Overseas visitors from the USA or Australia are also welcome.

Norway (Bergen, Oslo):

Hair travels Europe

It seems Hungary excels not only in dental holidays but in hair trips too. Short stay visits to Budapest for your secret hair replacement session? Not impossible in Budapest. Worried about costs? You should not... Here are some sites that tell you about pricing strategies of Hungarian hair clinics.

More sites to come as soon as they are available for public.


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