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With more mobile friendly sites there seems to be a shift in aproach to selling goods or services online. As google frowns upon websites that build links many website owners and webmasters stand there clueless. If sites cannot be promoted via links - and if links do matter in rankings - then how can we get more visibility in google search?

You don't need to be a vedic pandit to figure out what works and what does not. Let me go into details about some aspects of building your online popularity the right way.

Directories still good - depending on their own merits like age, quality of the directory any many other factors. Getting a link from dmoz, botw can no way hurt your site as a stand-alone factor.It is always your link profile that matters - not only the links you gain naturally or artificially but also link acquisition velocity, deep links, nofollow links as compared to your immediate competitors. If you stick out a mile - that might be an indicator that something unnatural is happening around your site and its promotion.

Similar is the case with medical sites having been hit hard by the lates algo changes. Unnatural links pose a real threat and if rankings are not hurt you should check traffic from searches - and this tells you a lot how google sees your online presence.

Getting treatment abroad

In Europe, Hungary seems to be one of the hot spots of dental holidays accounting for about 40% of all treatments done outside Ireland or the UK. Patients from these countries look to be extremely mobile - that is willing to travel to cut costs with no compromise on quality. This is when a direct search for clinics may result in a good catch - but patients need to be cautious. And they are picky... Expectations are high, so is the proficiency they meet in Budapest. Quality is of the highest standard paired with low prices - you may save up to 70% on the local treatment costs. Hair restoration or simply hair transplant is another popular area gaining ground among Anglo-Saxon people - the FUE technique is safe and fast enough to attract hair patients to Hungary.

Choosing a Casino

Online casinos are in the business to make money and with so many casinos at your fingertips, the competition is fierce which in turn benefits the consumer/player. Not only are there bonuses and extra features in the games themselves, online casinos are enticing new players with signing up bonuses, matching cash for bets and always selling the idea that their site has the best odds for their players. As is the case with land based regular casinos and their policy of comps, online casinos do the same things in attracting online players. Youtube seems to be a good source for promo videos for casinos, games like blackjack, roulette or slot game video demos and it is worthy viewing them first. Alternatively, you can play the popular vegas themed casino slots online for free for hours.

Deciding what casino to use or what games to play is something which everyone must decide for themselves. Just as you would walk into a casino for the first time and gander around at the overwhelming visual stimulation, you’ll find yourself doing the same with online casino games. One of the advantages of online gambling, particularly slots, is that most games you can play for free for as long as you like. This gives the advantage of getting a feel for the game without wasting money on a slot that doesn’t float your boat. Australia is tough cookie for many casinos - players from OZ can gamble online but not with Australian casino operators. To figure out whom Aussie players can play online for real visit and read the information provided there.

In a nutshell, online gambling has provided a wonderful outlet for those who would rather play in the privacy and comfort of their own home. Just be careful as the potential for too much gambling is always only a few dollars away.
Still a cheap form is to play practice play demos on VSD gaming the state-of-the-art video slots portal.


People at Norlinks decided to change direction and the site embarks on igaming reviews and online games. We do not take any link suggestions anymore please keep that in mind.

We have seen so much in the link building industry that we decided to change the way serve our visitors. Rtaher than being a directory of links and sites we shall add casino games reviews, flash game demos and articles on the entire igaming industry.

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